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Pollution Responsible for 9 Million Deaths

Over 9 million people died because of pollution last year.(1,2)

Another 9 million – or more – will die this year as well. That is one in six people worldwide – making it deadlier that literally anything else, including war, famine, and natural disasters.

It’s not just poorer countries either, everyone is at risk. Water contamination isn’t the main problem (although it does come a close second), as air pollution was found to be the biggest killer.

Every breath we take is killing us, as we breathe in fine particles that are incredibly toxic.

These tiny particles are destroying our bodies from the inside-out, putting us at risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and respiratory issues. We might as well be sucking on a car exhaust. 

The very young and the elderly are the most affected. Our children, our parents, maybe even us. Dying with each and every breath – meaning that babies start getting sick the moment they take their first.

How is it killing you?

The sheer amount of air pollution affects your ability to absorb the most important nutrient in the entire world – oxygen. 

Think about it. Oxygen is responsible for your very life blood. It is present in every single cell of your body. Without it, you’re going to shrivel up and die from the inside. Your metabolism is going to slow. Your energy levels will be depleted. You’ll age faster than you should.

This brings with it a host of diseases. Cancer. Heart disease. You name it – you’re at risk right now. Pollution is affecting our ability to take nourish ourselves with oxygen at a cellular level.

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And the worst part is that the government doesn’t care.

Congress refuses to believe that pollution is a real threat. It refuses to be part of the solution, leaving you spending every single day breathing in deadly, toxic air. The largest environmental cause of death is essentially being ignored by governments, our own and others worldwide. What else is new?

So, what should we do?

Simply eating better and exercising isn’t going to combat the amount of pollution in the air. In fact, it all comes down to increasing the amount of oxygen we take in a cellular level. We need to nourish our cells from the inside to combat the deadly air that we’re breathing in.

Viruses, disease, and bacteria cannot live in an oxygen-rich environment, so that is what we have to turn our bodies into. There is a way to do this – an easy way to take in the proper amount of oxygen our body needs. Watch this video to learn how to do it.