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7 Common Hair Washing Mistakes That Will Make You Lose Your Hair

All women want their hair to look silky and shiny. But you won’t be able to make your hair look that way if you’re washing them the wrong way! We tend to only pay attention to the treatments we use for our hair: masks, conditioners, and forget about washing the hair the right way…

Here are 7 common hair washing mistakes that you’ll want to avoid to make sure you achieve that smooth and silky hair.

Mistake #1: You dry your hair with a towel

This method will only damage your hair due to the abrasiveness of the towel fabric. It’s better to wrap the towel around your wet hair and let it absorb the water.

Mistake #2: Using too much shampoo

The more the merrier doesn’t apply here. Plus, you’re wasting shampoo.

Mistake #3: Scrubbing your head too aggressively

Scrubbing your head too hard will cause you hair loss in the future. Keep your movements gentle to avoid damaging your scalp.

Mistake #4: You don’t use a conditioner

Bad for you! This solution makes your hair look shiny and stabilizes its pH level. But remember to apply it to the tips of your hair and along the length but not root!

Mistake #5: Taking too little time

The root is the most important part, so it has to be properly washed. How can you do that if you’re in a hurry?

Mistake #6: Washing your hair too seldom

This one is quite pretty much up to each individual. Some people are able to wash their hair once a week and still look perfect, while some people have to repeat the procedure every two days.

Mistake #7: Blow drying

Even after washing your hair, this is something to take note. Although drying your hair with a blower saves time, the frequent usage of the blower destroys your hair.

How many of these “mistakes” are you guilty of?

Bonus Mistake #8 – Hair Loss Triggers?

Over the past 10 years, it was discovered that nearly all people experiencing some form of hair loss, including any kind of thinning, receding hair line (whether it’s in the front or the temples), bald patches, dry, brittle, lifeless hair that breaks easily, or hair that won’t grow… all tend to make the same handful of mistakes that are responsible for triggering specific types of hair loss patterns.

These mistakes make the problem worse, causing more hair to fall out, and the remaining hair gets thinner. These mistakes are called “hair loss triggers.” Once you discover and identify the trigger(s) affecting you, your hair problems will be a thing of the past. Click on the button below to instantly find out a simple solution to avoid these “mistakes” and kick-start your journey to fuller and thicker hair.